Wednesday, 8 October 2008

7 Things You Must Know about Social Marketing

Paradigm shift is how I have referred to the unparalleled increase in influence of Social Network spaces on most all aspects of our lives. In this blog I have written about the 7 required shifts that businesses need to make to survive the move from real world to digital. I will continue to articulate and refine these shifts because they are at the core to business’ success in the digital world. To survive business must move from:

1. Advertising to Interesting
2. Me to You
3. Side to Centre
4. Viral to Social
5. Video to Burst
6. Push to Pull
7. Print to Pixel

Taking these on board is not as easy as reading this blog. Steering clear of the many pitfalls that line the path to change is not easy. Very few "Social Marketing" companies actually do social marketing. What they do is attempt to cut and paste old school methods into the new world and we all suffer badly for their ignorance. Good luck on your journey.

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