Friday, 27 August 2010

CLP goes green with online CSR campaign: Plant a tree

“Love the Earth, Plant a Tree” on-line campaign targets the planting of 100,000 virtual trees to advance green causes in Asia.
CLP Green Park
CLP Green Park Home Page
China Light and Power (CLP) has committed to a five year plan to plant 1 million trees across Asia. In a pure play digital initiative CLP is using social media to reach out and engage consumers to get excited about environmental issues in Asia. CLP is using social networks such as Facebook and RenRen, microblogging for Twitter and Weibo along with forums, blogs and other social channels to reach a diverse Asia population. The campaign is launched in 3 languages (English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese).
The focus of the campaign is an educational animated microsite. The microsite titled "CLP Green Garden" allows users to create their own animated avatar, invite friends, select from 5 different types of trees and plant it in their garden while learning about environmental issues in Asia. As more people plant trees in the park the park grows. More trees, exotic animals and friends come out to play.
The goal of the two month campaign is to plant 100,000 virtual trees and donate HK$500,000 dollars to Green Partners across Asia.
Find the Green Park on:

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Asia Consumes Online Mobile Video

A recent study by Nielson confirms that Asia is hungry for video. Asia has a higher frequency of watching mobile video than any other geograhphic region. PRDA has been promoting the use of video as a primary communication tool in Asia through its online channel SOUTV for many years with great success. It is reasoned that the high adoption of video in Asia is attributable to 3 factors:


  1. Communication across languages and culture: Asia is exceptionally diverse in language and culture. Video helps cross these divisions easier than text based or audio campaigns alone. If it moves it tells the story better.
  2. Technology adoption: Asia is the hot-bed for electronics manufacturing and home to many emerging economies. This creates a perfect opportunity for early adoption of technology that supports mobile video viewing.
  3. Infrastructure: The technology infrastructure across Asia has amazing. What is surprising is that where broadband pentration maybe high, but it is not always available due to power outages and other tangential reasons.
Video use in Asia has been on the upswing for many years as technology and economies grow at a robust pace. China still remains one of the biggest consumers of online video despite issues restrictions on certain sites. We will continue to see an increase as the adoption of smartphones takes Asia by storm.

Much success,


Douglas White is the CEO/ Director of PRDA Asia's leading social media agency since 2004. Based in Hong Kong, PRDA has presence in 5 Asian countries.