Sunday, 13 July 2008

Vive la Revolution!

  • It is timely that on the eve of one of the most famous revolutions ever I write about the greatest revolution ever; the democratisation of the internet. Vive la Revolution! We now live in an age where the individual voice speaks with the same volume as big business and government. I refer to this as the “Me to You” change in communication enable by the internet’s ability to create instant and sustainable dialogue across geography and time. In my Bastille Day analogy, “Me” is represented by the French monarchy that was oblivious, and uninterested, in the screams of discontent coming from the masses, or “You”. However, even though the rich and pampered were not listening, the power of “world of mouth” spread the message throughout Paris’s disenfranchised and all the “You’s” came together to overthrow the ruling order.

    Gloriously, we see that now happening again. User generated content and activities on Social spaces have higher traffic and exert greater influence than on big business branded sites. The influence of the individual is clear. So in this age of revolution how can big business protect their proverbial heads?

    Simply put, listen and engage.
  • Create content that is interesting and valuable to your consumers
  • Do not assume your content is interesting just because it is big and flashy
  • Want and appreciate feedback from your consumers
  • Be glad that they add, share and contribute to your message
  • Respond to their contribution, answer questions, give them more of what they want, change what they do not like
  • Be there for the long haul – no hit and run techniques. Your investment should be to build lasting relationships over time by being consistent

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