Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride

There is a significant industry built around the idea that if you stand next too, wear the same clothes, drive the same car etc. you will be as magnificent and glamorous as the people in the advertisements. We all know that this acquisition of fabulous attributes through proximity is absurd. So why is it that advertisers continue to push on businesses the concept of placing their advertisement next to interesting content is the preferred, if not only, method available? After all, it is still advertising and no matter how engaging the content is it is placed next too; it is will always be advertising. Would it be better if the advertising was really the interesting bit?In the digital age it is now easy for anyone to develop content and distribute on the internet. So why should businesses settle for "being next to" when they can be the "centre of attention". That is right, everyone can now be a bride and all of us are the better for it. Imagine if all the money that was spent trying to attract your gaze away from the interesting content was spent on making interesting content in the first place.

All of us are sophisticated enough consumers that we would certainly "get it". After all we know that if we want to be a star athlete like our heroes we will need to buy the kit. And if we want to catch the babe we need the car, clothes and cologne.

Prosperity Research is working hard to educate small and medium business' that it is O.K. for them to be the centre of attention. They do not have to be a 2 inch square advertisement at the bottom of the weekly paper. They can create rich media to WOW their customers,

So if you had your choice, would you be advertising or interesting?


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Interesting piece! Especially given that we are living in an age where we (brands/advertisers) can try and 'be found' by consumers online and offline in the most innovative ways - there really isn't a need to (hide) in the shadows of interesting content, but instead actually be the content itself. What is good advertising today if not creating a meaningful discourse among consumers? Thanks for this! :)

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(Ketaki Cadambi - Strategic Planner at Lowe Bangkok)