Monday, 18 August 2008

Burst: Changing Communication Forever

Information bombardment! If information was water we'd all be taking a shower under Niagara Falls every day! If we read, watched and listened to everything that passed in front of us in a day it would probably take a full year just to get through it. The result is consumers filter what comes in and are selective of how they get it? What can business do? Start by understanding the problem and then do something different: Burst!

Handling information

-- Selection what you take in: 30 people talking in a room and you can't hear a thing, but someone says your name and your ears prick up
-- Medium of choice: We all have our favourite ways of getting information, from water cooler gossip to podcasts


Tools with which we receive information continue to improve and consumers naturally find ways to manage this information. From simple spam filters on mail programs to personalalised aggregated feeds, the modern consumer is finding ways to process information so that only relevant, high quality and desirable content reaches them. Delivering interesting content creates a loyal audience. Spam gets dumped.


Different people process information differently. Some people are visual, others are better listeners and some just need to do things themselves. There are many factors at play into why different people receive, manage and take in information differently. Such things as biology, education, availability, economics and culture all play a role in this, but the truth is this will not change. Deliver content in a way that consumers prefer and they will keep coming back.


Selection and Medium where the motivation for Prosperity Research Ltd to create a new process/product; the Burst. We understand that people will naturally select information that is relevant to them and they will choose to receive it in a manner that is convenient. Therefore, the most effective communication strategy fully optimises a message across a range of communication mediums and ensures the message engages, enhances and entertains your consumer.

The Burst

Prosperity Research Ltd. has gone beyond marginally effective banner advertisement and paid placement with a proven way to effectively and honestly present content in the Social Network spaces controlled by consumers. By creating a concise message in video, blog, forum, bookmarking and other formats that creates a reticulated multi-channel release of information tailored to a wide range of consumer preferences we can maximise consumer response and satisfaction.

Prosperity Research Ltd.specialises in content created for the consumer controlled Social Network space which requires treatment different from other communication mediums and each online channel has its own special requirements. Recommended:

-- Keep it short
-- Keep it relevant
-- No advertising
-- Make it easy to find
-- Keep it honest
-- Be polite
-- Less is more

The end game we are all playing is to get our message seen by consumers and have that translate into revenue. It is the old adage made anew; give the customer what they want!

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