Thursday, 28 August 2008

Internet in Asia Population Statistics and B2B goes Social

This weeks data blog highlights the immense opportunity in Asia for Internet anything. Asia has approximately 56% of the worlds population and 39% of the Internet users. It is the fast growing rate of Internet usage and the hottest and most promising economy. Hong Kong has the highest penetration rate in Asia matching South Korea at about 70%. Hong Kong is not on this chart because its total population is less than 8 million.

B2B is the big spend. Social Networks are not just for consumers. Businesses are flocking to this format as a flexible way to engage in commerce. Without the same constraints as traditional vertical business sites, exchanging information becomes easier and more engaging.

Businesses are pouring on the spend. Below are the biggest corporate spenders of online ad dollars. This spend represents old school type online advertising of banner and paid search. This is a gold mine for Social Media proponents as the advantages of Interesting over Advertising creates a overwhelming argument for business to radically change the way they position themselves online.


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