Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Social Media: Traditional media keeping the enemy close

A interesting article was released by Allfacebook.com today titled 10 Facebook pages that are exploding in popularity. What was fascinating about this is that out of the 10 half are TV or Movie pages. Surprisingly Twightlight was not in the group. Traditional media is effectively using social media to extend the fan's experience outside of the 30 minute block of viewing time they would normally get on TV. Another article the other day suggested that as much as 90% of all TV shows are now available free online. One of the most important ideas we share with our clients at PRDA is that social media extends the experience of the brand. Whether this is outside the shop, studio or just making the ability to interact with the brand in new and more convenient ways is one of the key selling points of social media. Extend the experience!

BTW, I looked up the Facebook fan page of one of my favourite shows "Justified" and found 2 listed. Funny, the most populated one was those standard wiki page and the alleged official one had crap content. Which points to the second thing we always tell clients. Don't waste peoples time! I walked away -- it was justified. . .

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