Monday, 5 July 2010

Around the world in 48 hours

This was an amazing weekend. I had fun, sun and friends. There were pictures and sharing and kidding galore. A little drinking, a little sleeping and a lot of sharing. I spent time with people sitting right next to me and people thousands of miles away and it all seemed so completely normal. . .

Today we have the capacity to stay in touch with each other more efficiently than ever before in our history. And that is an understatement. We can communicate instantly, in real time with devices that fit in our pocket and do this while watching a movie and determining which direction we are walking all at the same time. I like this time very much. While on a beautiful junk trip this weekend thanks to my dear, and very sexy friend, BT. I was able to share photos of us lounging in the sun in Hong Kong while being sent pictures of friends also enjoying their weekend in far off locations like London, Paris and Seattle

A friend and life coach even shared a life opening video with me as she sat in Florida.

All in all I am amazed and dazed by how wonderful and efficient our lives have become through technology. But despite all the technology there are some bits that still don't seem to make sense. Like how did I get this fish in my bag???!!!!

Technology can transform our lives, but it clearly can not take care of everything. Perhaps a bit of self restraint or a little less of the bubbles next time?

Much success,


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