Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Our parents taught us well. We all love to share everything now!

If there are two things that clearly separate social media from traditional it is the ability to engage and to share. Both of these functions have transformed the way that we interact with information. Not long ago these two activities were impossible. Think about it. You would not have a chat with a TV commercial and you definitely wouldn't try and pick your TV up and carry it to the neighbor's house to show them the cool thing that was on. But now the cornerstones of social media/networks is the ability to do just that.

Over 1 billion people online demonstrate the importance of these actions everyday. Like, forward to a friend, post to wall, Tweet, etc. I have no idea the number of these exchanges that take place each day, but it is easily in the billions. What is important to understand is that it has irrevocably changed the way that people interact with, consume, filter and ultimately choose information. Old school rules from advertising, marketing and PR no longer apply. A whole new set of rules, processes and procedures are quickly evolving to help explain and manage these new behavior patterns. The strength comes in how to best facilitate, but we find many trying to capitalize. This is unfortunate, however,  another upside of social media is that if something is not "liked" it does not last with a click of your mouse.

Much success,