Thursday, 15 July 2010

Social Media: SMB's win new customers big time!

A recent report from Regus, the international serviced office company, provided some encouraging results. Their recent survey of SMB's showed that on average 40% had gained new business through social media channels. India takes the lead in using social media to get new customers with 52% of companies reporting success. China ranks above the average with 44%. This is no surprise due to the rapid explosion of social media activity in Asia. What is interesting

is that a year and a half ago SMB's were showing little activity in social media. The significant turn around show that the fundamentals driving social media are sound. That is the democratisation of the internet, low to no cost of entrance and it being extremely effective as a connection and communication tool. Of course success is more likely when the is a good strategy in place and social media is professionally managed. PRDA has been helping SMB's find success on line for many years. SMB's will continue to find innovative ways to use social media for customer acquisition, service and product development.

Much success,