Saturday, 8 November 2008

Data Driven: Customers on line, but where is business??

A slew of studies have come out just in time for the holidays with predictions about our shopping behaviour. In lieu of the financial crisis, it is not surprsingly many are turning to the internet to save money. What is surprising is that, despite the fact that customers are flooding the internet, business still has a very small foot print there. Additionally, the figures show that those online are increasingly older and monied! Business had better get its game on!

Less than a third of business have a social media presence even though this is the #3 choice for consumers to make brand decisions.

Customers turn to online channels to save money on gifts. The value ads up in many ways, from better comparison shopping to saving on gas for driving. And think of your poor nerves, stay home and quietly shop with a glass of holiday cheer.

Video is becoming the clear choice for information and entertainment. But the myth that it is an exclusive domain of the very young continues to get debunked. The fastest growing segment on online video viewers is the choice 35 - 54 age bracket. These are the people with the real money! Well, except me that is.

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