Thursday, 27 May 2010

"Get Off the Advertising" blog repost

I started writing about social media too early in the life cycle. Now I am spending time revisiting my blog posts from years back and seeing that they are still relevant. I hope you don't mind but I would like to re-share a blog from 2008 that was originally titled "Get off the Advertising".

Like those crazy government funded studies to prove that death is the result of dying or eating makes you full, here is another study which provides overwhelming evidence to the obvious; people don't like advertising. However, in the author's defense, despite this ubiquitous truth, businesses continue to advertise and so maybe it is still necessary to reinforce the fact that "People Don't Like Advertising”. This study goes one step further in its pursuit of seeking the obvious. It is now scientifically proven that people are especially averse to aggressive advertising. Another revelation???

So what can be done? Prosperity Research has been for years pioneering an alternative approach to promoting brands online. We believe it is just as easy to be interesting as be advertising. And, if you believe this study . . . well then people will like you.

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