Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Asia to dominate online video market

Recent statistics coming out show Asia, China, South Korea, and Japan, to grow at a significant pace for online video viewing as reported by ReelSEO. These countries, along with Hong Kong and Singapore, enjoy huge Internet penetration rates and access to broadband. Consumers in these countries are showing an enormous appetite for online video as it quickly replaces TV and DVD sales as a primary source on information and entertainment. Keeping pace with this is online marketing spend. It is expected that in 3 years this will exceed 15 billion USD per year demonstrating a 50% increase. Prosperity Research has been anticipating this trend for more than 4 years now by advocating the use of video as a key marketing and communication tool. Now commonly referred to as Social Media it has many advantages over traditional models.

  • Video is more compelling and engaging than static text or images
  • Video crosses culture and language barriers better than text or still image
  • Significant reduction in video production costs makes it competitive
  • Effective alternative to TVC
  • Affordable for SMB's
  • Aren't things just better when they move?!

In summary Asia is seeing great resilience in surviving the U.S. based financial crisis and is poised to take the world's marketing solutions to a new level by leading in online video dominance.

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