Monday, 7 January 2008

Out of the Gate Running

And away they go!!!! Businesses are becoming savvier and demanding proven ROI on their ad spend. To do this they are gaining and increasing appreciation of online marketing where there is a clearer link between and buys. They are proving this with the lion share of their budgets.

However, as businesses become more sophisticated so are consumers. The audience of one and the long tail reign supreme. They call it behavioural targeting but it is little more than appreciating the fact that consumers can be particular and the old days of blatant, in your face advertising has declining value.

As consumers become spoiled for choice and overburdened with content they will increasingly filter based on specific interests. Each person will in a sense become part of the long tail. Prosperity Research has built a business model around this very natural and organic approach of personal selection. Put your self where you customers are likely to be.

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