Friday, 11 January 2008

Huge Mob Rushes the Gates!

Run, run, run as fast as you can in the direction of online video. Video becoming the dominant means of communication is clearly articulated through both ad revenue and behaviour. There are many motivations why persons are shifting to digital for their primary sources of information and entertainment:

1. Convenience -- mobile everywhere
2. Green -- read once and toss magazines and papers now come with a guilt factor
3. Current -- Digital gives you the "right now". Anything on paper is guarnteed to old news
4. Interaction and sharing -- If you see something cool then send it on. You can't do that with a newspaper
5. Individual -- in the digital world you can see what you want and disregard the rest -- print media is made to appeal to the widest range of taste. Whereas digital is served up the the audience of one.
6. Culture and Languge -- Video or showing someone overcomes many cultural and language barriers that print can not address.
7. Emotion -- Site, sound and moving images can convey powerful messages with great economy.

Prosperity Research, Asia's most innovative online marketing company gets this. We have been on the fore front of placing quality video that people want to see in places they like to go.

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