Thursday, 3 January 2008

A Kinder Gentler Social Network Marketing

This post is a bit on the tardy side. I am writing a response to an article that appeared in TechCrunch back in November 2007.

This article highlighted pretty much all that is disapointing with many Social Network Marketing strategies. This unbridled foolishness to get high hits at any cost. Consumers value their time, resent being tricked (we all do -- that is why they call it spam) and a brand is your most important possession. So when you embrace a reckless approach to online marketing that includes damaging your brand identity, deception to your customers and general lack of integrity the short term might be a bit fun, but the long term is more disapointing. Wuse a story of the drunk at the party who ends up with the lampshade on their head. Maybe for a couple of hours they are the life of the party, but the next day in the office they are the laughing stock. Managing your brand online is similar. Would you rather build up a strong relationship with loyal customers based on an honest approach or create an illusion of success that will quickly dissapate with the next viral video? At Prosperity Research we have identified an approach that uses the same approach that all of us use in everyday life -- building friendships.

1. Put yourself out there where people you want to meet hang out
2. Go more than half way to meet people
3. Be more interested in them than yourself
4. Follow up
5. Offer something new to the mix on each encounter -- share
6. Invite them into your life

The simplest lessons we learned at the ealiest age are often the best. Life only becomes complicated when you invite a consultant to join.

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