Monday, 5 January 2009

Data Driven: Game Score West 1 China 50

It is early in the game but it appears that China is the clear winner. Whereas in the West only about 1% of Internet users create content, about 50% of Chinese are contributing online. Additionally the type of content contribute by the Chinese is more substantial. Where in the West most use email as the primary tool, Chinese are writing blogs and actively participating in online conversations making them significantly more influential.

What even further skews the score is that the Chinese are currently spending approximately 570 million hours a day online!!! This is very significant since the Western usage of Internet is only making a slow upward growth the China market is just getting started. Opportunities are huge and can only be expressed using phrases like WOW, OMG, and This is SUPER HUGE! Well established companies, like Prosperity Research, stand to do very well due to their proven track record and early in. But clearly this is a big room and the current quantity of service providers is insufficient to fully meet demand.

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