Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Social Network Marketing...SO, what is it you actually do, then?

This is Kris again, Prosperity Research CIO. Doug is taking the week off from blogging (mostly because he has been working about 18 hours a day...).

Which actually brings me to this week's topic. "So what is it that we actually do here at Prosperity Research"? Social Network Marketing, Social Media Marketing, it's all new. To some of our customers marketing on the Internet itself is relatively new.

I'm a Technology guy, not a Marketing person, so I'm used to people who don't quite understand the technology I work with - in fact I, myself, often find my 13 year old daughter showing me something on her new laptop that I didn't know existed!

OK, OK. So, what do we do? Easy. We develop and deploy On Line, Video Based, Social Network Marketing Campaigns that achieve proven and affordable results for our clients.

1. On Line - where the audience is already looking
2. Video based - because it is more interesting if it moves
3. Marketing – we help our clients be interesting, not disposable advertising
4. Proven – repeatable process never fails to achieve top search engine results
5. Affordable - we are low overhead, clever, and innovative

How do we do all that? I'll never tell!

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