Saturday, 20 December 2008

Feel young again! Twitter away!

It is with age that some deterioration in functioning comes without question. I remember my great grandfathers, grandfathers my father and sadly me being afflicted with the most common of age related maladies; "what were we talking about again, or "What was her name again?" syndrome. Yes, I am referring to the complete inability to remember things from one moment to the next or follow a line of discussion for more than several seconds. Denial is comforting in this time of subtle decay. It is reassuring to think that the reason I have such difficulty is because I have amassed so much wisdom and knowledge over the years that my brain just can't be bother stuffing anymore in. Well, what ever embarrassment I may feel over being what appears to be slightly senile no loner matters. You see I have discovered Twitter! Twitter is the most amazing micro blogging tool. The whole premise is to write in as smallest bites as possible send them off and move onto the next. I am having a field day sending off little missives and receiving a blizzard of disconnected, compact and easily forgettable messages back. Who would have thought, just as I was starting to feel my middle age, some 20 something would put me back in the game stronger than ever. Twitter away!


larry said...

I WANNA LEARN TO be a twitter now.

larry said...