Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Men "man up" for social good

Men love a good cause. This is well known. What is a bit more suprising is that men are now starting to outpace women in support of all types of charities and social programmes. A recent study by Barkely showed that 88% of men believe brands should support causes. Further, 55% of male internet users surveyed said they would pay more for a brand or product that supported a cause they cared about. Two-thirds said they would try a new brand because of a cause.

What does this mean for men? Well some men are taking it to extreme. Morgan Parker and Simon Lock have quit their jobs to ride  cross country on motorcyles for charity. The 20,000 kms journey from Hong Kong to Brisbane will stop in 10 countries to support and raise money for 10 charities. A different charity has been selected in each country. Find out more about Morgan and Simon's adventure @ wheel2wheel.tv

Douglas White is the founder of PRDA one of Asia's leading social media agency.


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